CIPTV 2 1.0: CUCM v10 Video and Dynamic Routing Using ILS and GDPR

This path is the foundation for Cisco Communications Manager multisite deployment. If you are responsible for multisite environments, this course guides you through the pitfalls and solutions in this complex environment. If you are a Chief Collaboration Officer or your responsibilities include the voice over IP and video solutions in your organization, you should take this course.


Expected Duration
78 minutes

Dynamic routing of telephone calls is useful in a large deployment but also routing the URI addresses for video has also become a challenge. ILS and GDPR will assist in dynamically routing numbers as well as URI addresses. In this session, you will wrap up VCS and cover the ILS and GDPR features and setup for dynamic routing of numbers and URI addresses.


Identifying Issues in Multisite Deployment

  • start the course
  • describe the multisite deployment issues outline
  • describe the issues in multisite deployments
  • describe quality issues
  • describe bandwidth issues
  • describe availability issues
  • describe dial plan issues
  • describe variable-length numbering, +E.164 addressing, and DID
  • compare fixed-length and variable-length numbering plans
  • describe end of dialing in variable-length numbering plans
  • describe optimized call routing and PSTN backup
  • describe TEHO
  • describe various PSTN requirements
  • describe issues caused by different PSTN dialing
  • describe dial plan scalability issues
  • describe NAT and security issues in multisite environments
  • Practice: Multisite Deployment Complications

  • describe multisite deployment complications




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