Cisco BSCI 3.0: Manipulating Routing Updates

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To enable you to describe the processes of manipulating routing updates using multiple IP routing protocols, configuring and verifying route distribution, controlling routing update traffic, and implementing and configuring DHCP, one of Cisco’s advanced IOS features

Target Audience

Candidates for Cisco CCNP, CCDP, CCIP, and Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching and CCIE Communications and Services certifications; network administrators, technicians, and senior network support staff who are responsible for implementing and managing network environments


CCNA certification; practical experience with deploying and operating networks based on Cisco network devices and Cisco IOS software is strongly recommended

Expected Duration

215 min.

Course Objectives

Cisco BSCI 3.0: Manipulating Routing Updates

  • recognize what’s involved in route distribution in a multiple routing-protocol environment.
  • recognize how to artificially define the best path to an IP network.
  • recognize how to configure route redistribution.
  • recognize how to configure routes into RIP and OSPF.
  • identify the commands to configure routes into EIGRP and IS-IS.
  • recognize how to verify route distribution.
  • recognize how to configure a passive interface and route filtering using distribution lists.
  • recognize how to configure a distribute list and define a route map.
  • identify the commands to configure route maps and implement route maps with redistribution.
  • recognize the features and impact of the administrative distance value.
  • recognize the purpose of and the commands used to configure DHCP.
  • recognize how to configure the DHCP client and IP helper address.
  • identify the commands to configure and verify DHCP Relay Services.
  • enable a DHCP server and customize the configuration.