Cisco CallManager Fundamentals

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To explain how to deploy a Cisco CallManager server in a cluster using a supported IP telephony deployment model

Target Audience

IT professionals responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining the ongoing administration of a Cisco IP telephony solution; candidates preparing for the Cisco IP Telephony exam (642-444 CIPT)


CCNA certification; Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (BCMSN); Cisco voice over IP (CVOICE); Microsoft Software for Cisco Voice (MSCV)

Expected Duration

180 min.

Course Objectives

Cisco CallManager Fundamentals

  • identify the key components used in a Cisco IP telephony deployment solution.
  • identify Cisco CallManager software and hardware and calculate the number of device weight units a hardware platform can support.
  • calculate the number of device weights a hardware platform can support in a given scenario.
  • identify the features of the Microsoft SQL cluster relationship and distinguish between the types of intracluster communication and cluster redundancy design.
  • distinguish between the IP telephony deployment models supported by Cisco.
  • determine the appropriate Cisco IP telephony deployment model to implement for a given scenario.
  • identify the CD-ROMs and configuration data required to install Cisco CallManager and recognize how to activate Cisco CallManager services.
  • identify Cisco CallManager postinstallation tasks and enable MLA.
  • perform Cisco CallManager postinstallation tasks.
  • outline the upgrade process for Cisco CallManager.