Cisco CVOICE 8.0: Gatekeeper and Cisco Unified Border Element

The target audience for this course is established IT professionals with a solid, existing background in Cisco and networking technologies.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
180 minutes

Gatekeepers play a major part in medium and large H.323 VoIP network solutions. Gatekeepers allow for dial-plan scalability and reduce the need to manage global dial plans locally. This course describes the functions of a gatekeeper and explains how to configure gatekeepers to interoperate with gateways. It also gives an overview of the Cisco Unified Border Element and describes how to implement a Cisco Unified Border Element within an enterprise network. A Cisco Unified Border Element has the ability to interconnect voice and VoIP networks, offering protocol interworking, address hiding, and security services.


Understanding Gatekeepers

  • identify the functions of gatekeepers in an H.323 environment
  • distinguish between the message types that are involved in gatekeeper-based H.323 signaling
  • match concepts related to the gatekeeper call routing process with their descriptions
  • identify how a gatekeeper supports CAC functions
  • identify the steps necessary to configure a multizone gatekeeper for local and remote zone call routing
  • recognize how to configure gatekeeper zones and prefixes
  • distinguish between the commands used to adapt an H.323 gateway configuration to register with a gatekeeper
  • recognize how to configure CAC functions on a gatekeeper
  • recognize how to verify that H.323 endpoints are registered properly and calls are correctly routed across a gatekeeper
  • Examining Cisco Unified Border Element

  • describe the functionality of a Cisco Unified Border Element and its applications in enterprise VoIP environments
  • identify the Cisco Unified Border Element protocol interworking capabilities
  • recognize how media flows are managed by a Cisco Unified Border Element
  • distinguish between the commands used to configure media flow-around, media flow-through, and transparent codec pass-through
  • recognize how Cisco Unified Border Element can be used to perform RSVP-based CAC
  • match the call flows in typical Cisco Unified Border Element deployments to their descriptions
  • recognize how to configure H.323-to-H.323 interworking on a Cisco Unified Border Element
  • identify how to implement H.323-to-SIP interworking on Cisco Unified Border Element
  • recognize how to verify Cisco Unified Border Element operation




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