Cisco CVOICE 8.0: Introduction to Voice Gateways

The target audience for this course is established IT professionals with a solid, existing background in Cisco and networking technologies.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
150 minutes

Cisco voice gateway relays high quality voice and fax traffic across an IP network. This course describes the operational modes of a voice gateway and how it fits in the Cisco Unified Communications architecture. It explains the voice gateway functions in each Cisco Unified Communications deployment model and the call legs that are associated with each operational mode.
A primary function of the Cisco Unified Communications gateways is to route calls. The process of call routing includes the processing of incoming and outgoing call legs. This course also describes how call legs are created when inbound and outbound dial peers are matched. It provides details about the dial-peer matching process and explains the direct inward dialing (DID) feature.


Cisco Unified Communications Networks and the Role of Gateways

  • recognize the components of Cisco Unified Communications architecture
  • identify the function of voice gateways
  • recognize the major roles in Cisco Unified Communications networks
  • identify the role of gateways in four supported Cisco Unified Communications deployment models
  • recognize the different Cisco voice gateway platforms
  • identify the call legs that are created by a voice gateway in each operational mode
  • Gateway Call Routing and Call Legs

  • recognize how gateways route calls end to end
  • recognize how to configure POTS dial peers
  • match dial peer matching commands with their descriptions
  • recognize how routers work with inbound, outbound, and default dial peers
  • identify the steps in the process of two-stage dialing
  • identify the steps in the process of one-stage dialing




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