Cisco CVOICE 8.0: Transporting Voice over IP networks

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H.323 gateways are among the most common Cisco IOS voice gateways within Cisco Unified Communications Manager environments. H.323 gateways are the endpoints on a LAN that provide real-time, two-way communications between H.323 terminals on the LAN and other ITU-T terminals on the network. H.323 gateways can also communicate with other H.323 gateways. Gateways enable H.323 terminals to communicate with terminals that are not H.323 terminals by converting protocols. Gateways are the point where a circuit-switched call is encoded and repackaged into IP packets. Because gateways function as H.323 endpoints, they provide admission control, address lookup and translation, and accounting services.
The inherent characteristics of a converged voice and data IP network present certain challenges to network engineers and administrators in delivering voice traffic correctly. This course describes the challenges of integrating a voice and data network and explains the technologies that enable voice media transmission.

Target Audience

The target audience for this course is established IT professionals with a solid, existing background in Cisco and networking technologies.


Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Converting Voice to VoIP

  • recognize how voice is transported over IP networks end-to-end
  • recognize the steps in the process of analog-to-digital voice conversion using PCM
  • VoIP Packetization

  • recognize the considerations for VoIP packetization
  • VoIP Media Transmission and VAD

  • identify the characteristics of the four protocols used for media transmission in an IP network
  • identify conditions for transporting VoIP through firewalls
  • recognize the process of suppressing silence to conserve per-call bandwidth
  • H.323 Architecture

  • identify the characteristics of the H.323 signaling protocol architecture
  • H.323 Call Flows and Codecs

  • identify how H.323 establishes and terminates calls
  • recognize the steps in the process of codec negotiation in an H.323 environment
  • Configuring, Customizing, and Verifying H.323 Gateways

  • recognize how to configure H.323 gateways
  • recognize how to customize H.323 gateways