Cisco DESGN 2.1: Designing IP Addressing

Anyone wishing to obtain the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCDA) certification that validates the knowledge and skills required to successfully design Cisco converged networks. Candidates who have completed the 640-816, 640-822, or 640-802 Cisco Certified Cisco Network Associate certification exam.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
120 minutes

An effective and efficient IPv4 addressing scheme is a critical component of the overall enterprise network design and this course covers IP version 4 (IPv4) address considerations and recommended practices in the enterprise network. The course also discusses considerations about routing protocol choice that are related to IP addressing, focusing on IPv4.
IP version 6 (IPv6) was designed as a successor to IP version 4 (IPv4), to overcome IPv4 limitations and an effective and efficient IPv6 addressing scheme is a one of the main components of the overall enterprise network design. The course concludes with an overview of IP addressing and general considerations for planning a network addressing scheme. It continues with a discussion of the specific considerations and migration strategies for IP version 4 (IPv4) and IP version 6 (IPv6).


Designing IPv4 Addressing

  • match the IP concepts to their descriptions
  • identify the correct definitions of IP concepts
  • identify the network data required to determine the network size
  • describe the benefits of planning an IP addressing hierarchy
  • determine the number of available host addresses on a subnet for a given scenario
  • describe how the enterprise network uses both static and dynamic address assignment methods

Designing IPv6 Addressing

  • describe the benefits of IPv6 addressing
  • describe the types of IPv6 addresses
  • describe how IPv6 addresses are assigned
  • describe IPv6 name resolution methods
  • identify transition strategies for implementing IPv6





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