Cisco ICND1 1.1: Network Communications and Connections

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To recognize how TCP and UDP protocols transfer data between hosts, the architecture and functionality of Ethernet LANs, and gather information about network connections

Target Audience

Network administrators, network engineers, network managers, network designers, and project managers; individuals seeking the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCNET) certification and those individuals targeting the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification


Basic computer literacy, basic Windows navigation skills, basic Internet usage skills, and basic e-mail usage skills

Expected Duration

130 min.

Course Objectives

Cisco ICND1 1.1: Network Communications and Connections

  • recognize the basic purpose and functions of the transport layer.
  • recognize the major functions of the TCP and UDP transport protocols.
  • recognize how TCP establishes a connection and transfers data between two peer systems.
  • use a packet sniffer software application to view the TCP initial three-way handshake.
  • recognize how a host-to-host connection is made and maintained.
  • recognize the basic characteristics of LANs and the functionality of Ethernet LANs.
  • recognize how connections are made to an Ethernet LAN.
  • use PC tools to gather network-related information.