Cisco ICND1 1.1: Switching in LANs

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LANs are a relatively low-cost means of sharing expensive resources. LANs allow multiple users in a fairly small geographic area to exchange files and messages, and to access shared resources such as file servers. LANs have rapidly evolved into support systems that are critical to communications within an organization. Properly configured and managed network devices are important tools for the efficient and safe operation of LANs. Cisco IOS Software is a feature-rich network operating system software that provides network intelligence for business-critical solutions. This course describes the challenges that shared LANs face as they confront the increasing need for bandwidth and speed to satisfy the needs of multiple users. This course also introduces the Cisco IOS Software as well as its basic configuration.

Target Audience

Network administrators, network engineers, network managers, network designers, and project managers; individuals seeking the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCNET) certification and those individuals targeting the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification



Expected Duration

210 min.

Course Objectives

Ethernet Segments and Collisions

  • describe the features of collision domains
  • identify the features of collision domains
  • Resolving Network Congestion

  • describe the main causes of network congestion
  • distinguish between LAN switches and bridges
  • The Process of Switched Packet Delivery

  • recognize the process whereby a switch determines how to manage a data frame by using its MAC address table
  • describe host-to-host communication in a LAN using a switch in a given scenario
  • A First Look at Cisco IOS Software

  • describe the basic characteristics of Cisco IOS software
  • CLI and Keyboard Help

  • identify the characteristics of the CLI keyboard help
  • CLI, Enhanced Editing and Command History

  • match the task with the appropriate CLI function
  • Switch Startup

  • sequence the steps to login to a Catalyst switch
  • Switch Configuration

  • describe how to configuring a switch from the command line
  • Configuring An Access Switch For Management