Cisco IINS 3.0: Cisco IOS Zone Based Firewall

This course is directed towards networking professionals who need to understand common security concepts and deploy basic security techniques using a variety of popular security solutions including IOS routers, IOS switches, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances and Windows and Linux hosts. This course is also designed for security practitioners who want to pass the IINS 3.0 exam.


Expected Duration
74 minutes

For years, security was focused primarily on Layer 3 of the OSI model with Layer 2 getting less attention. This ‘house of cards’ scenario must be prevented in today’s modern networks. The data link layer 2 of the OSI model, provides MAC address based connectivity within a broadcast domain, such as an Ethernet LAN. Network technologies are implemented in stacks, broken into layers. This layer can be protected with a wide array of techniques for securing VLANs and 802.1Q trunks. Various solutions like ACLs, VACLs, and PACLs are explored as well.


Cisco IOS Zone-based Firewall

  • start the course
  • describe Cisco IOS zone-based policy firewall
  • describe zones and zone pairs
  • describe a zone-based topology
  • describe Cisco common classification policy language
  • describe class map considerations
  • describe policy map considerations
  • describe policy map actions
  • describe zones and zone pair assignments
  • describe zone-based policy firewall rules
  • describe zone-based policy firewall rules for self zone
  • describe C3PL configuration procedure
  • describe IOS zone-based firewall configuration
  • configure IOS zone-based firewall
  • describe the zone-based policy firewall
  • define and verify policies
  • define and verify an inside to outside policy




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