Cisco IINS 3.0: Implementing AAA, Management Protocols, and Systems

This course is directed towards networking professionals who need to understand common security concepts and deploy basic security techniques using a variety of popular security solutions including IOS routers, IOS switches, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances, and Windows and Linux hosts. This course is also designed for security practitioners who want to pass the IINS 3.0 exam.


Expected Duration
100 minutes

Every member of a forensics security team has to begin somewhere and this exploration of cryptology is an excellent starting place. VPNs are an integral part of any security architecture. Providing confidentiality, integrity, and endpoint authentication, VPNs are ubiquitous and provide data loss prevention mechanisms for data that is in transit at multiple levels. From SSL VPNs to IPsec VPNs, site-to-site VPNs, or remote-access options, this security control is now embedded in networks and applications and should be available in a transparent and manageable fashion. This course introduces the cryptographic elements of VPNs, including symmetric and asymmetric algorithms, digital signatures.


Implementing AAA

  • start the course
  • describe authentication, authorization, and accounting
  • describe local and centralized AAA
  • describe AAA protocols
  • compare functional differences between RADIUS and TACACS+
  • describe AAA servers
  • describe the configuring SSH access to an IOS device
  • implement local authentication and authorization
  • describe authorization with role-based CLI
  • describe authentication using external servers
  • Management Protocols and Systems

  • describe validating IOS images using MD5
  • describe digitally signed images
  • describe IOS resilient configuration
  • describe verifying and restoring IOS resilient configuration
  • describe syslog
  • describe syslog severity levels
  • configure syslog
  • describe configuration management protocol options
  • describe HTTPS configuration and operation
  • describe SNMPv3 operation
  • describe SNMPv3 configuration
  • describe SNMP
  • describe SNMP traps
  • describe logging




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