Cisco IINS 3.0: IPsec Technologies

This course is directed toward networking professionals who need to understand common security concepts and deploy basic security techniques using a variety of popular security solutions including IOS routers, IOS switches, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances, and Windows and Linux hosts. This course is also designed for security practitioners who want to pass the IINS 3.0 exam.


Expected Duration
48 minutes

Most Layer 2 vulnerabilities can be addressed with some good base configuration practices combined with an accurate DHCP binding of legitimate MAC addresses to IP addresses. More power techniques will be discovered in this course. This course will show the learner how to protect MAC address mappings, ARP functions, and more with port security and Private VLANs (PVLANs)


IPsec Technologies

  • start the course
  • describe cryptographic algorithms in IPsec
  • describe Internet Key Exchange
  • describe IKE phase 1
  • describe first exchange in IKE phase 1
  • describe second exchange in IKE phase 1
  • describe third exchange in IKE phase 1
  • describe IPsec protocols
  • describe ESP
  • compare tunnel mode and transport mode
  • describe IKE phase 2
  • describe IPsec configuration
  • describe suite B cryptographic standard
  • describe IKE version 2




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