Cisco IINS 3.0: Site-to-Site VPN

This course is directed towards networking professionals who need to understand common security concepts and deploy basic security techniques using a variety of popular security solutions including IOS routers, IOS switches, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances and Windows and Linux hosts. This course is also designed for security practitioners who want to pass the IINS 3.0 exam.


Expected Duration
94 minutes

Like routers, both Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches have their own security requirements. Switch access is a common entry point for crackers who are intent on gaining illegal access to a corporate network. An attacker can then introduce rogue access points and protocol analyzers and launch all types of attacks from within the network. Attackers can also spoof the MAC and IP addresses of critical servers and do significant damage. In this course, you will examine various Layer 2 attacks and strategies to mitigate them.


Site-to-Site VPN

  • start the course
  • describe site-to-site tunnel negotiation process
  • configure site-to-site IPsec VPN
  • describe ensuring that ACLs are compatible with IPsec
  • describe IKE policy negotiation
  • describe site-to-site IPsec configuration in phase 1
  • configure transform sets
  • describe transform set negotiation
  • describe crypto ACL function
  • describe creating crypto ACLs using extended ACLs
  • configure symmetric peer crypto ACLs
  • configure IPsec crypto maps
  • verify the IPsec configuration
  • describe the show crypto map command
  • describe monitoring IPsec phase 1 SA
  • describe show crypto ipsec sa
  • configure site-to-site VPN on Cisco ASA
  • describe IPsec site-to-site VPN wizard
  • configure an IPsec VPN
  • configure a crypto map
  • configure a hub and spoke VPN
  • verify hub and spoke VPN configuration
  • configure a site-to-site tunnel
  • describe the negotiation and establishment of a VPN tunnel
  • describe the site-to-site VPN created by the wizard




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