Cisco IIUC 1.0: VoIP Fundamentals III

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


The network on which you deploy VoIP must have the required services and quality of service (QoS) to give voice traffic priority over traffic that is not time-sensitive. Administrators need to understand what QoS is and how it is useful in solving problems that arise when different traffic types are converged into a single network infrastructure. It is equally important to understand the proper use of digit manipulation. This course discusses the call flows, digit manipulation, digit collection, and digit consumption within the network. Factors that can affect voice quality and how you can mitigate those factors using QoS mechanisms are also discussed. This course is one of a series from the IIUC 1.0 SkillSoft learning paths which cover the objectives for Cisco exam IIUC 640-460.

Target Audience

Network administrators, engineers, and managers; systems engineers; network designers; individuals seeking the Implementing Cisco IOS Unified Communications (IIUC) v1.0 certification


The skills and knowledge equivalent to those learned in Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1); a working knowledge of how to configure and operate Cisco routers and switches

Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Digit Collection and Manipulation

  • recognize how devices collect and consume digits
  • recognize the commands you use to connect to a specified destination
  • PLAR and Dial Plans

  • recognize how to verify dial plans
  • Quality Issues with Converged Networks

  • identify key quality issues with converged networks
  • recognize how to resolve converged networks quality issues using QoS mechanisms
  • The QoS Policy

  • identify the QoS requirements of common types of network applications
  • Auto QoS

  • recognize how you can use Cisco AutoQoS to implement a QoS policy
  • Implementing Cisco AutoQoS