Cisco ONT 1.0: TCP and QoS Traffic Management and Mechanisms

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To recognize how TCP and QoS support traffic management and optimization, and how their mechanisms are implemented

Target Audience

Individuals preparing for the Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP and the Cisco Certified Design Professional CCDP certifications; senior-level network support professionals, network administrators, network engineers, network managers, systems managers, or network designers


Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies (INTRO) 2.1; Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND) 2.3; the ability to create interswitch connections and the initial configuration of a router, an understanding of routing, routing protocols, WAN technologies, security risks, IP addressing, ALCs, client utilities, and IOS familiarity

Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

Cisco ONT 1.0: TCP and QoS Traffic Management and Mechanisms

  • recognize how TCP, in conjunction with RED, WRED, and CBWRED, manages the traffic flow between two hosts.
  • recognize how CBWRED is configured and monitored.
  • recognize Cisco class-based traffic-policing and class-based traffic-shaping operations and basic configuration.
  • recognize Cisco class-based header compression operations and basic configurations.
  • recognize the purpose and basic configuration of QoS preclassify for traffic going over IPsec and GRE tunnels.
  • configure QoS preclassify in a given scenario.
  • identify the elements of IP QoS SLA, the typical network requirements within each functional block in an end-to-end network, and the best-practice QoS implementations.
  • recognize QoS implementations and requirements on WAN customer edge and provider edge routers, and how the control plane and CoPP are deployed.