Cisco QoS 2.3 Instructor Series: Introduction to Modular QoS CLI and AutoQoS

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This course is part of Skillsoft's Instructor Series, technical courses presented in spontaneous lecture-style by subject matter experts. This is 2 of 6 of the Implementing Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) 2.3 series. Implementing Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) provides learners with in-depth knowledge of quality of service (QoS) requirements, conceptual models such as Best-Effort, Integrated Services (IntServ), and Differentiated Services (DiffServ), and the implementation of QoS on Cisco IOS platforms. The curriculum covers the theory of QoS, design issues, and configuration of various QoS mechanisms to facilitate the creation of effective QoS administrative policies. This course supplies learners with design and usage rules for various advanced QoS features and for the integration of QoS with underlying Layer 2 QoS mechanisms, allowing the learners to optimize multiservice networks.

Target Audience

This course is recommended for any individual needing to design and/or implement QoS mechanisms. Implementing Cisco QoS is recommended training for individuals seeking certification as a Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP), Cisco Certified Internet Professional (CCIP), or an IP Communications specialization. Additionally, CCIE candidates (R/S, Security, or Voice) can use this course to prepare themselves for QoS objectives in the CCIE lab exams.


Completion of the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND) curriculum, or equivalent knowledge and experience, is recommended. Familiarity with Border Gateway Protocol is also recommended and assumed in this curriculum.

Expected Duration

55 min.

Course Objectives

Introducing MQC

Labs: Introducing MQC

Introducing Cisco AutoQoS VoIP

Labs: Introducing Cisco AutoQoS VoIP

Introducing Cisco AutoQoS for the Enterprise

  • – Explain how Cisco AutoQoS for the Enterprise is used to implement QoS policy – Describe the router platforms on which Cisco AutoQoS for the Enterprise is supported – Describe how Cisco AutoQoS for the Enterprise is configured on a router using CLI – Describe how to use Cisco IOS commands to examine and monitor a network configuration after Cisco AutoQoS for the Enterprise has been deployed