Cisco ROUTE 1.0: Configuring and Verifying BGP operations

The audience profile for SkillSoft’s ROUTE 1.0: Implementing Cisco IP Routing training will be established IT professionals who have completed 640-802 Cisco Certified Network Associate, or 640-822 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 and 640-816 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2.

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
120 minutes

The use of BGP as a routing protocol within the enterprise network requires that an administrator understand how to properly configure BGP for scalable internetworking. BGP is used in performing policy-based routing and in order to manipulate the best paths chosen by BGP, a network administrator must understand the different attributes that BGP uses and how BGP selects the best path based on these attributes.
This course covers BGP configuration and verification when connecting an enterprise network to ISP networks. The BGP path selection process and attributes, their characteristics and the configuration steps using different attributes for selecting a BGP path are discussed, and route filtering using route maps and prefix lists are also explained.


Configuring and Verifying Basic BGP Operations

  • identify specifications for implementing BGP
  • identify the features of internal and external BGP neighbor relationships
  • recognize BGP configuration considerations
  • identify BGP neighbor states
  • implement BGP authentication
  • configure and verify BGP operations in a single-homed environment
  • configure basic BGP
  • BGP Attributes and Path Selection Process

  • select a BGP path
  • identify the characteristics of the BGP weight and local preference attributes for path selection and path manipulation
  • identify the characteristics of the BGP set AS path and MED attributes for path selection and path manipulation
  • identify the steps involved in configuring filtering of routing updates




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