Cisco ROUTE 2.0: Enterprise Internet Connectivity I

Anyone wishing to obtain real-world routing knowledge, and those that are considering CCNP and CCIP certification. This learning path’s discussion of routing could also benefit early CCIE Routing and Switching candidates. Students completing the ROUTE 2.0 learning path should have a solid foundation in routing fundamentals, Cisco IOS basics, and Cisco routing basics. Attending the ICND1 and ICND2 classes or having the CCNA certification will fulfill these expectations.


Expected Duration
108 minutes

The Internet is a vital resource in many organizations and it requires a single connection or, more frequently, redundant connections to multiple ISPs. With multiple connections, BGP is an alternative to using default routes to provide dynamic control over path selections. After completing this course, you will be able to plan for enterprise Internet connectivity and establish single-homed IPv4 Internet connectivity.


Planning Enterprise Internet Connectivity

  • start the course
  • list enterprise connectivity requirements
  • match the ISP connectivity types to their description
  • describe the role of IANA in public IP address assignment
  • recognize how public IP addresses are assigned
  • identify features of provider independent IP addressing
  • describe autonomous system numbers
  • Enterprise Internet Connectivity

  • identify the options for configuring the Internet-facing interfaces in the network
  • describe the need to implement NAT in the network
  • list the different types of NAT
  • describe the NAT address types
  • identify the tasks involved in configuring static NAT
  • identify the tasks involved in configuring dynamic NAT
  • configure static NAT
  • describe the function of PAT
  • enable inside and outside interfaces for PAT
  • configure inside local addresses to be translated to address of the outside interface
  • recognize the limitations of PAT
  • describe the function of a NAT virtual interface




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