Cisco SECURE 1.0: Deploying DMVPNs

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Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networks (DMVPNs) are a Cisco IOS Software feature that simplifies the deployment of large hub-and-spoke, partially meshed, and fully meshed virtual private networks (VPNs). In this lesson, you will learn to integrate multipoint Generic Routing Encapsulation (mGRE) with Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP) and IP Security (IPSec) to deploy DMVPN on hub-and-spoke devices. After configuring all required parameters, you will verify proper DMVPN operation and learn how to troubleshoot common DMVPN issues.

Target Audience

Network professionals responsible for securing and managing their network infrastructures, who have CCNA certification, CCNA Security certification (IINS), and a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems


Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

DMVPN Configuration Overview

  • describe the Cisco IOS DMVPN architecture
  • identify guidelines for deploying DMVPN
  • Deploying GRE Tunnels

  • describe how to configure and verify Cisco IOS GRE tunnels
  • Deploying NHRP

  • describe how to configure and verify Cisco IOS NHRP client and server
  • Deploying a DMVPN Hub

  • describe how to configure and verify a Cisco IOS DMVPN hub
  • Configure a DMVPN Hub

    Deploying a DMVPN Spoke

  • describe how to configure and verify a Cisco IOS DMVPN spoke
  • Configuring DMVPN Spokes

    Configuring Routing in a DMVPN

  • describe the steps to configure and verify dynamic routing in a Cisco IOS DMVPN
  • Configure EIGRP Over a Point-to-Point IPSec VPN Tunnel

    Configuring EIGRP Across a Fully Meshed DMVPN

    Troubleshooting a DMVPN Network

  • recognize examples of how to troubleshoot a DMVPN Cisco IOS DMVPN network