Cisco SECURE 1.0: Remote Access VPNs

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Remote access virtual private network (VPN) technologies allow mobile workers to access sensitive resources over untrusted networks by using modern transmission protection and access authorization technologies. Cisco IOS Software provides a rich set of remote access VPN features that cover a wide range of common enterprise use cases. This course introduces and compares remote access VPN technologies and access methods.

Target Audience

Network professionals responsible for securing and managing their network infrastructures who have CCNA certification, CCNA Security certification (IINS) and a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Choosing a Remote Access VPN Technology

  • select an appropriate remote access VPN technology
  • Choosing Cryptographic Controls for a Remote Access VPN

  • choose appropriate remote access VPN cryptographic controls
  • Planning Remote Access with Cisco Easy VPN

  • recognize how to plan the deployment of a Cisco Easy VPN
  • Configuring VTI-Based Cisco Easy VPN Server Features

  • configure basic Cisco IOS Software VTI-based Easy VPN Server functionality
  • Configure Cisco Easy VPN Server Using VTIs

    Configuring the Cisco VPN Client

  • sequence the steps to configure the Cisco VPN Client
  • Deploying a Cisco Easy VPN Remote Device

  • recognize how to plan the deployment of a Cisco Easy VPN Remote Device
  • configure VTI-based Cisco Easy VPN Remote Client functionality on a Cisco IOS Software router
  • Configure a Cisco Easy VPN Remote Device Using VTIs

    PKI-Enabled Easy VPN and Basic Easy VPN Troubleshooting

  • recognize how to configure Cisco Easy VPN Server and Cisco VPN Client PKI features
  • recognize how to troubleshoot basic Cisco Easy VPN session establishment and connectivity