Cisco SNRS 3.0 Instructor Series: Threat Control and Containment

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This course is part of Skillsoft's Instructor Series, technical courses presented in spontaneous lecture-style by subject matter experts. This is 6 of 6 of the Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches (SNRS) 3.0 series. This course focuses on implementing security using the existing Cisco IOS trust and identity with the Identity-Based Networking Service (IBNS) as well as the Network Foundation Protection (NFP) which includes the Control, Management, and Data planes. The course also provides guidance for invoking security on Cisco routers and switches with IPSec and VPNs, Adaptive Threat Defense with classic and zone-based firewalls, and Cisco IOS IPS.

Target Audience

This is an ideal course for CCNA students looking for the CCSP certification or employees, customers and channel partners and resellers who want to extend their knowledge of network security.


This class assumes familiarity with Ethernet switching, TCP/IP addressing and basic networking configuration of the Cisco IOS software. Ideally, students possess CCNA certification or equivalent knowledge (SND).

Expected Duration

172 min.

Course Objectives

Configuring NAT and PAT

Configuring a Cisco IOS Classic Firewall

Configuring a Cisco IOS Zoned-Based Policy Firewall

Configuring Cisco IOS IPS

  • – Describe the features, functions, limitations, and applications of Cisco IOS IPS – Describe the different IPS management products – Describe SDF and built-in signature operation – Migrate from Cisco IOS IPS Version 4.x to Cisco IOS IPS Version 5.x – Configure Cisco IOS IPS using 5.x signatures – Configure Auto Signature Update – Configure SEAP, including Risk Ratings, Events Action Overrides, and Events Action Filters – Perform a basic configuration of Cisco IOS IPS – Tune more advanced signature settings – Create custom signatures – Use show, debug, and clear commands to test and verify Cisco IOS IPS configurations – Explain various scenarios and deployment options
  • Labs: Configuring Cisco IOS IPS