Cisco SWITCH 1.0: Accommodating Voice and Video in Campus Networks

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


When you are migrating to a VoIP network, all network requirements, including power and capacity planning, must be examined so that voice is seamlessly integrated into the existing network.
IP telephony services provided over the campus infrastructure must have mechanisms set in place to differentiate traffic types and to offer priority processing to delay sensitive voice traffic. Congestion avoidance techniques, quality of service (QoS), and high availability also need to be implemented to ensure an optimal flow throughout the network.
This course covers how to plan for support of voice in a campus network. Congestion considerations for voice and video traffic in relation to bandwidth consumption are explained. Quality of service (QoS) policies that mark and qualify traffic as it traverses the campus switch blocks and the creation of specific voice VLANs to separate voice traffic from other data to ensure that it is carried through the network with special handling and with minimal delay are also covered.

Target Audience

The audience profile for SkillSoft’s SWITCH 1.0: Implementing Cisco Switched Networks training will be established IT professionals who have completed 640-802 Cisco Certified Network Associate, or 640-822 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 and 640-816 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2.


Expected Duration

60 min.

Course Objectives

Voice Implementation Best Practices

  • identify best practices for implementing voice on a campus network
  • Voice Support Planning

  • identify the features of voice VLANs
  • configure voice VLANs
  • Power over Ethernet

  • configure PoE
  • Voice and Video Availability Requirements

  • identify the high availability requirements for voice and video
  • Quality of Service Requirements

  • provide QoS for voice and video integration
  • Configuring Quality of Service

  • sequence the steps to configure Cisco Catalyst switch ports to manage voice traffic
  • configure QoS for voice and video VLANs
  • Configuring Voice Support

  • configure a voice VLAN and QoS for voice traffic