Cisco SWITCH 2.0: Campus Network Security III

This course is intended for students who are looking for real-world switching knowledge, and those that are considering CCNP and CCDP certification. This course’s discussion of switching could also benefit early CCIE Routing and Switching candidates.


Expected Duration
111 minutes

Campus access devices and Layer 2 communication are largely unconsidered in most security discussions; Equipment malfunction and internal malicious attacks can also bring down your network. In this course you will learn about private VLANs are used to help segment traffic within a single VLAN and how VLAN access lists can aid in your efforts of having a secure and stable network. This course offers the official training for the Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks 2.0 certification exam which is a component exam for the CCNP and CCDP certifications. Passing this exam will also refresh CCNA certification, which expires after three years.


Securing VLAN Trunks

  • start the course
  • describe a switch spoofing attack and how to protect your network against switch spoofing
  • describe a VLAN hopping attack
  • describe the need for VACLs
  • describe how VACLs interact with standard and port access list
  • identify the VACL configuration syntax
  • provide a VACL configuration example

Configuring PVLANs

  • describe the need for PVLANs
  • compare primary and secondary VLANs
  • describe the PVLAN port types
  • describe the PVLAN port types
  • configure PVLANs
  • assign a switchport to a private VLAN
  • verify a PVLAN configuration
  • describe how PVLANs operate across multiple switches
  • describe the protected port feature

Practice: Implementing Switch Security

  • configure switch security in a given scenario





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