Cisco SWITCH 2.0: Layer 3 Redundancy with HSRP

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FHRP is a networking protocol that is designed to protect the default gateway by allowing two or more routers or Layer 3 switches to provide a backup for that address. If one first-hop device fails, the backup router will take over the address, by default within a few seconds.
FHRP is a category of protocols that includes the HSRP protocol. HSRP has versions that support first-hop redundancy not only in IPv4 environments, but also in IPv6 environments. However, not all platforms and their Cisco IOS versions support the different versions of FHRPs for both IPv4 and IPv6. In this course you’ll learn how to configure and verify HSRP. You’ll also learn how to configure and verify HSRP in an IPv6 environment.
This course offers the official training for the Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks 2.0 certification exam which is a component exam for the CCNP and CCDP certifications. Passing this exam will also refresh CCNA certification, which expires after three years.

Target Audience

This course is intended for students who are looking for real-world switching knowledge, and those that are considering CCNP and CCDP certification. This course’s discussion of switching could also benefit early CCIE Routing and Switching candidates



Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

First Hop Redundancy

  • describe the need for First Hop Redundancy Protocols
  • HSRP Configuration Introduction

  • describe the principle of First Hop Redundancy configuration
  • HSRP Configuration Demonstration

  • configure HSRP
  • HSRP Priority and Preemption

  • recognize how HSRP determines which router in the group will be the active forwarder
  • HSRP Priority and Preemption Reviewed

  • recognize how priority and preemption play an important role with HSRP
  • HSRP Verification

  • verify HSRP
  • First Hop Redundancy Operation with HSRP

  • identify the steps involved with the operation of First Hop Redundancy
  • HSRP Operation Examined

  • describe all the elements involved with the HSRP operation
  • Layer 2 Link Between Distribution Layer Switches

  • identify the link between distribution layer switches
  • Load Sharing With HSRP Overview

  • explain load sharing with HSRP
  • Configuring HSRP in a Multiple VLAN Deployment

  • configure HSRP in a multiple VLAN deployment
  • HSRP Interface Tracking Overview I

  • describe which options HSRP has for tracking
  • HSRP Interface Tracking Overview II

  • configure HSRP interface tracking
  • HSRP Object Tracking Scenario

  • provide a scenario of HSRP object tracking
  • HSRP and Object Tracking Example

  • configure object tracking in combination with HSRP
  • HSRP Authentication

  • configure HSRP authentication
  • Tuning HSRP Timers

  • tune HSRP timers
  • HSRP Versions

  • describe differences between HSRP versions 1 and 2