Cisco TSHOOT 2.0: Troubleshooting EIGRP and BGP

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Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) is a routing protocol commonly used in large enterprise networks. Troubleshooting problems related to the exchange of routing information is an essential skill for any network engineer that is involved in the implementation and maintenance of large routed enterprise networks that use EIGRP as the IGP.
Enterprise networks may make use of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to exchange routing information in a controlled fashion with external parties such as Internet service providers or other providers of IP-based services. The exterior gateway protocol BGP is often used in combination with an interior gateway protocol such as Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) routing protocol. And performance problems on network devices can cause degraded application performance and connectivity issues resulting in problems at the business level. Understanding the mechanics of BGP and its interaction with interior gateways, and diagnosing and resolving BGP performance problems are important skills for any network support engineer.
This course reviews EIGRP and BGP operations and details the use of Cisco IOS commands to gather information about EIGRP and BGP data structures and routing processes. The course also explains EIGRP and BGP neighborship and routing issues as well as the typical solutions.

Target Audience

Professionals who work in complex network environments desiring the skills they need to maintain their networks and to diagnose and resolve network problems quickly and effectively. The TSHOOT learning path will provide information about troubleshooting and maintaining particular technologies, as well as procedural and organizational aspects of the troubleshooting and maintenance process. A large part of the training will consist of practicing these skills and reinforcing the concepts by putting them to use in a controlled environment. At the end of the learning path, you should have increased your skill level and developed a set of best practices that are based on your own experience that you can take back to your organization.



Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

EIGRP Neighborship Issues

  • identify issues with EIGRP neighborships
  • EIGRP Neighborship: Interface is Down

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP interface issue
  • EIGRP Neighborship: Mismatched AS

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP mismatched AS
  • EIGRP Neighborship: Incorrect Network Statements

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP network statement issue
  • EIGRP Neighborship: Metric Weights

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP weight issue
  • EIGRP Neighborship: Passive Interface

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP passive interface issue
  • EIGRP Neighborship: No Common Subnet

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP subnet issue
  • EIGRP Neighborship: Authentication Issue

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP authentication issue
  • EIGRP Neighborship: ACL Issue and Timer Issues

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP ACL issue
  • EIGRP Routing Issues

  • identify EIGRP routing issues
  • EIGRP Routing Issue: Network Command Issues

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP network command issue
  • EIGRP Routing Issue: Better Routing Source

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP routing source issue
  • EIGRP Routing Issue: Route Filtering

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP route filtering issue
  • EIGRP Routing Issue: The EIGRP Stub Option

  • identify an EIGRP stub issue
  • EIGRP Routing Issue: Split Horizon

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP split horizon issue
  • EIGRP Routing Issue: Auto Summarization

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP autosummarization issue
  • EIGRP Routing Issue: Load Balancing

  • troubleshoot an EIGRP load balancing issue
  • Troubleshooting Neighborship in EIGRP for IPv6

  • describe EIGRP for IPv4 and EIGRP for IPv6 neighborship issues
  • Troubleshooting Named EIGRP

  • describe named EIGRP configuration
  • BGP Neighborships

  • identify how BGP neighbor adjacencies may be affected
  • BGP Neighborship: No Layer 3 or Layer 4 Connectivity

  • troubleshoot a BGP connectivity issue
  • BGP Neighborship: Incorrect Neighbor Statement

  • troubleshoot a BGP neighbor statement
  • BGP Neighborship: TTL Expiration

  • troubleshoot a BGP TTL expiration issue
  • BGP Routing

  • identify BGP routing issues
  • BGP Routing: Missing or Erroneous Network Command

  • troubleshoot a BGP network statement
  • BGP Routing: Unreachable IPv4 Next Hop

  • troubleshoot a BGP unreachable next hop
  • BGP Routing: iBGP Split-Horizon

  • troubleshoot a BGP split-horizon issue
  • BGP Filtering and Administrative Distance

  • troubleshoot a BGP filtering issue
  • BGP Route Selection Process

  • identify how BGP select routes
  • Troubleshooting MP-BGP

  • identify MP-BGP issues
  • Practice Topic: Troubleshoot EIGRP