Cisco TSHOOT 2.0: Troubleshooting OSPF

Professionals who work in complex network environments desiring the skills, they need to maintain their networks and to diagnose and resolve network problems quickly and effectively. The TSHOOT learning path will provide information about troubleshooting and maintaining particular technologies, as well as procedural and organizational aspects of the troubleshooting and maintenance process. A large part of the training will consist of practicing these skills and reinforcing the concepts by putting them to use in a controlled environment. At the end of the learning path, you should have increased your skill level and developed a set of best practices that are based on your own experience that you can take back to your organization.


Expected Duration
133 minutes

IP routing is the core technology deployed in all current enterprise networks and is used in all areas of the network. For most connectivity problems in IP networks, the network layer is the point where troubleshooting processes start. The Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol is a routing protocol commonly used in large enterprise networks. Troubleshooting problems related to the exchange of routing information is an essential skill for any network engineer that is involved in the implementation and maintenance of large routed enterprise networks that use OSPF as the IGP. This course reviews the processes and data structures that are used by routers to forward IP packets and the Cisco IOS tools that can be used to diagnose problems related to IP packet forwarding, to provide you with the essential skills and knowledge that are necessary to resolve network layer problems successfully. In addition, the Cisco IOS commands that you can use to gather information as part of a structured troubleshooting process from OSPF routing processes are reviewed.


OSPF Neighborship Issues

  • start the course
  • identify issues with OSPF neighborships
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 interface issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 area issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 MTU issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 passive interface issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 designated router issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 subnet issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 authentication issue
  • troubleshoot an ACL issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPF timer issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 area type issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 network type issue

OSPF Routing Issues

  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 routing issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 duplicate router ID
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 incorrect DR election
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 network command issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 routing source issue
  • troubleshoot a route filtering issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPF virtual link issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 stub area
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 interface issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 route summarization issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv2 load balancing issue
  • describe the differences between OSPFv2 and OSPFv3
  • resolve an OSPFv3 neighborship issue
  • troubleshoot an OSPFv3 neighborship
  • identify the OSPFv3 show commands used in troubleshooting
  • recognize how to troubleshoot advanced OSPFv3

Practice: Troubleshooting the OSPF Protocol

  • troubleshoot the OSPF routing protocol





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