Cisco TVOICE 8.0: Troubleshooting Conference and Transcoder Issues

Anyone wishing to obtain the Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP Voice designation that validates the skills and knowledge required in order to create a voice solution that is transparent, scalable, and manageable.Established IT professionals with a working knowledge of converged voice and data networks, of MGCP, SIP, and H.323 as well as a working knowledge of their implementation on Cisco IOS gateways, and working knowledge of Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Communications features and applications, and Cisco IOS voice gateways in single-site and multisite environments.Candidates who have completed the Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice (CCNA Voice) Certification which is obtained by completing the Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Communications Administration 640-461 (ICOMM) v8.0 exam.

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Expected Duration
90 minutes

The conference bridge for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, a software or hardware application, allows both Ad Hoc and Meet-Me voice conferencing. Each conference bridge can host several simultaneous, multi-party conferences.
Software and hardware conference devices differ in the number of streams and the types of codec that they support. This course reviews major characteristics of Ad Hoc and Meet-Me conferencing, and software and hardware conference bridge implementations. This course also outlines general issues that can be experienced with conference bridges and explains how to troubleshoot them.
Cisco Unified Communications Manager invokes a transcoder on behalf of endpoint devices when the two devices are using different codecs and would normally be unable to communicate. When inserted into a call, the transcoder converts the data streams between the two disparate codecs to enable their mutual communication.
Finally, this course reviews major scenarios and considerations when a transcoder is used, it also reviews the codec selection process for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and voice gateways, and outlines general issues that can be experienced with a transcoder and explains how to troubleshoot them.


Troubleshooting Issues with Conferences

  • identify the characteristics of conferencing operations
  • describe the conference bridge registration issues and non-responsive software issues and explain how to troubleshoot them
  • describe the major issues that are experienced while using Ad Hoc conferencing and explain how to troubleshoot them
  • describe the major issues that are experienced while using Meet-Me conferencing and identify the most likely causes of these issues
  • Troubleshooting Issues with Transcoders

  • identify the characteristics of transcoder operations
  • recognize how to troubleshoot transcoder registration issues
  • recognize how to troubleshoot transcoder allocation




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