Cisco UCS Product Line for Cloud Computing

This path is meant to enhance the knowledge base of any learner who works with cloud technologies, or wishes to begin understanding cloud deployments


Expected Duration
158 minutes

Within the data center, servers are needed to run the applications and services that users need to access and these servers will retrieve the required information from storage. In this course, you will be introduced to the Cisco UCS product line of servers. In addition, you will discover how B-Series servers are provisioned. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Cisco exam Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals exam (210-451 CLDFND). This exam counts toward the CCNA Cloud certification.


Cisco UCS C and B Series Product Family

  • start the course
  • describe the Cisco UCS C-Series products and benefits
  • describe the Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers
  • describe the Cisco UCS C-Series network adapter card features
  • describe the Cisco UCS C-Series network adapter card
  • describe the Cisco UCS C-Series comprehensive server management
  • describe Cisco UCS B-Series products
  • describe the Cisco UCS B-Series server
  • describe the Cisco UCS 5108 blade server chassis
  • describe Cisco UCS B-Series servers
  • describe Cisco B420 M4
  • describe the Cisco UCS fabric extender
  • describe the Cisco UCS 6200 series Fabric Interconnects
  • describe the Cisco UCS B-Series network adapter features
  • describe Cisco UCS HA features
  • describe the Cisco UCS B-Series connectivity topology
  • Cisco UCS Blade Provisioning

  • describe service profile components
  • describe Cisco UCS service profiles
  • describe the virtualization layer and service profiles
  • describe service profile policies
  • describe resource pools
  • describe virtual LAN and SAN adapters
  • describe service profile templates
  • describe how service profiles provide server mobility
  • describe Cisco UCS manager GUI
  • describe the Cisco UCS manager navigation panel
  • describe Cisco UCS central




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