CIVND1 1.0: TelePresence Endpoint Environmental Requirements and Configuration

CIVND1 is focused on the Chief Collaboration Officer or telecommunications administrator responsible for the knowledge to describe characteristics of video solutions and assess the requirements for a successful implementation of a video solution.


Expected Duration
132 minutes

Immersive video solutions are the top end collaboration products developed by Cisco. For a near real experience in major conferencing solutions TelePresence is the highest intelligent quality solution. Cisco TelePresence video conferencing solution requires precise QoS and configuration. This course covers the endpoint options for immersive video. It also covers conference room requirements for lighting and sound. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Cisco exam Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices, Part 1 (CIVND1) v1. This exam counts toward the CCNA Collaboration certification.


Network Requirements of Video Solutions

  • start the course
  • describe QoS overview
  • describe video traffic QoS requirements
  • describe provisioning for bursts in Cisco TelePresence
  • describe best practices for QoS for TelePresence
  • describe best practices for QoS for general video
  • describe call admission control
  • describe CAC
  • Cisco Video Solution Architecture Overview

  • describe the components of Cisco video solution architecture
  • describe network and services
  • describe call control
  • describe endpoints
  • describe Cisco TelePresence
  • describe the Cisco TelePresence server
  • describe Cisco TelePresence management suite
  • describe the Cisco TelePresence endpoints
  • describe the Cisco TelePresence content server
  • describe the Cisco Medianet Overview
  • describe autoconfiguration
  • Environmental Requirements for Video Installations

  • describe conference room requirements
  • describe light requirements
  • describe the basics of sound
  • describe power, network, and HVAC in a TelePresence environment
  • Installing Cisco TelePresence Endpoints

  • describe installing the Cisco TelePresence 500-32 endpoint
  • describe installing the Cisco TelePresence system 1300 series
  • describe installing the Cisco TelePresence profile and SX20
  • Practice: Configuring TelePresence

  • to understand the endpoint options and requirements for TelePresence




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