Cloud Computing Basics

This course is intended for IT professionals including managers, engineers, and technical staff evaluating or implementing cloud computing applications and services. The course outlines the benefits and downfalls of implementing or using services in a cloud and helps IT professionals determine what types of technology or services are suitable for cloud networks and how those services are hosted in a cloud computing environment.

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Expected Duration
90 minutes

This course provides IT professionals with a working definition of cloud computing, explores the technological precursors of today’s cloud as well as the current technologies the cloud is dependant on. Also covered are the benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing for the IT department and business as a whole. It then explores in more detail the different types of services that have become available in the cloud with examples of key pioneers in those areas.


Attributes of Cloud Computing

  • identify key characteristics of the cloud
  • classify cloud adoption considerations
  • recognize how cloud computing has impacted different types of users
  • describe common barriers to cloud adoption
  • specify the appropriate service offering for a given scenario
  • distinguish between common IT management models
  • identify enterprise-dependent factors surrounding an organization’s adoption of the cloud
  • determine whether and application is suited or unsuited to cloud computing
  • describe the key features of cloud computing
  • determine an enterprise’s suitability to cloud computing




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