Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Storing and Managing Cloud Data

IT professionals including managers, engineers, and technical staff evaluating or implementing cloud computing applications and services |


Expected Duration
124 minutes

Cloud storage is of key interest to many consumers, as it has a number of advantages over traditional data storage. Cloud-stored data is available from any location that has Internet access. However, depending on the type of business and data, some organizations need to carefully evaluate if and what types of regulations and compliance standards may apply to their data. This course provides a closer look at enterprise resources in the cloud and the use of cloud storage services. It describes the importance of classifying your type of data, what type of security regulations or restrictions apply to it, and whether a cloud provider’s offering aligns with those requirements. This course also takes a closer look at the protocols, standards, and mobile client access involved in accessing cloud resources. It explores the meaning of open source software and its role in provisioning and accessing cloud resources.


Cloud Storage Overview

  • start the course
  • describe the Storage as a Service model as it relates to cloud computing
  • list the advantages of the Storage as a Service model
  • list the risks associated with the Storage as a Service model
  • list the main providers of Storage as a Service or STaaS and describe their offering
  • Cloud Storage Governance

  • describe the Cloud Security Alliance cloud governance domains as they pertain to data stored on cloud services
  • describe cloud storage governance issues
  • describe privacy concerns for personally identifiable information stored on public cloud services
  • describe the function of data classification in cloud storage governance
  • describe data security considerations in cloud storage systems
  • Cloud Standards

  • describe emerging standards for cloud computing
  • list the groups working on cloud computing standards
  • list the common cloud security protocols
  • describe the Cloud Standards Customer Council recommendations for cloud security
  • list the common protocols and standards in use for cloud computing
  • list the common cloud application programming interfaces
  • list the web standards relevant to cloud computing
  • Open Source and Mobile Cloud

  • describe open source and how it pertains to the cloud
  • describe open source cloud software for n-tier applications
  • describe OpenStack open source cloud software
  • describe the characteristics of mobile devices connecting to cloud services
  • Practice: Governance and Standards

  • describe the best practices for working with cloud storage in terms of governance and standards for a given scenario




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