Coaching Techniques that Drive Change

Any person in a role that leads and influences another’s performance, desiring to further hone their coaching skills to bring out the full potential in others


Expected Duration
26 minutes

Coaching by definition is action-centered. This is the main thing that differentiates it from counseling. At this point in the coaching engagement, the coach and coachee will have agreed on and co-created the Strategic Action Plan, which defines the goals and activities that the coachee will be working on throughout the remainder of the experience.Techniques covered in this course will give the learner the tools needed to lead from behind as a coach. Leading from behind is providing guidance through skillful observation and communication techniques that help guide the coachee’s discoveries, self-awareness, epiphanies, and ‘aha’ moments. Keeping the momentum of progress, staying the course, and creating detours characterize the coach’s work in this phase. These are accomplished through coaching tactics that include questioning, listening, observing, and challenging.


Getting to the Heart of Matters

  • select power questions to get at the heart of a coaching conversation
  • identify the elements of effective listening in coaching sessions
  • set expectations for a coaching observation with a coachee
  • use challenging as a technique to expand what a coachee thinks is possible
  • conduct effective coaching sessions using questioning, listening, observation, and challenging





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