Coaching to Drive Performance

Any person in a role that leads and influences other’s performance, desiring to further hone their coaching skills to bring out the full potential in others


Expected Duration
25 minutes

The proven fact is that desired results are achieved more quickly with the guidance of a personal Coach. When a coach is working to drive performance, the coachee is being held accountable to do what they say they are going to do, and want to do. This phase of a coaching engagement is called the ‘accountability phase’ in coaching. It is also the phase when the ‘shoulds and ought-tos’ bubble to the surface – the things that a Coachee is unconsciously following, instead of their true aspirations. These ‘shoulds and ought-tos come from outside the coachee, and it is in this phase that they must be dealt with, by either eliminating them or figuring out a way to deal with them. Towards the end of this phase, the coachee is clicking along and it’s time to ‘fire’ their coach. The coach is no longer needed as the goals of the engagement are creating the coachee’s desired outcome. The coach must be able to spot the pending conclusion of the engagement and set the coachee up for sustainability of performance using coaching tactics.


Striving for Progress and Performance

  • ask questions to guide a coachee in the assessment of their progress
  • guide the coachee back on track when they run into excuses and procrastination
  • recognize the signs that it’s time to conclude the coaching engagement
  • assist the coachee in assessing progress toward their goals and sustaining improved performance, and conclude the coaching engagement





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