Code Access Security for VB.NET

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To implement authentication and configure application security using CAS in .NET applications

Target Audience

All organizations, businesses, or individual .NET application developers desiring to learn how to develop and implement secure applications


Ability to develop applications in Visual Basic .NET, knowledge of Web Services, and a broad knowledge of the .NET Framework

Expected Duration

220 min.

Course Objectives

Code Access Security for VB.NET

  • identify how Code Access Security (CAS) is implemented.
  • recognize how to create and use code access permissions in a given scenario.
  • use the Code Access Security Policy tool (CASPol) to configure Code Access Security (CAS) in a given scenario.
  • recognize how to override CAS.
  • implement application security using CAS.
  • identify strategies for handling partially trusted applications and unmanaged code.
  • identify the components and functionality of .NET security policy.
  • identify best practices for implementing .NET security policy.
  • determine the issues and best practices involved in administering .NET security policy.
  • identify the core components of the .NET Framework security architecture and their security features.
  • use the .NET Framework Configuration tool and the Permission View tool to manage security policy in a given scenario.
  • implement VB.Net security using the .NET Framework Configuration tool and the Permission View tool.