Collaboration in Exchange 2016

Candidates who have a minimum of three years of experience designing and managing Exchange Server and are responsible for the Exchange Server 2016 messaging environment in an enterprise environment; IT consultants or senior administrators who act as the technical lead over a team of administrators


Expected Duration
131 minutes

Today, technology drives efficiency in business by making it easier for people to work together. Discover the native collaboration solutions in Exchange 2016 and exploit the technology to drive business productivity. In this course, you will examine collaboration solutions including Resource, Linked, and Site Mailboxes, as well as distribution groups and permissions.


Configure and Manage the Mailbox Server

  • start the course
  • describe architectural planning
  • describe addresses and address management
  • create and configure an offline address book
  • create and configure public folders
  • move a public folder item
  • migrate public folders

Create and Configure Mail-enabled Objects

  • define collaboration within Exchange 2013
  • describe recipients in Exchange 2016
  • describe resource mailbox configuration and scheduling
  • configure resource mailboxes and scheduling
  • identify distribution groups
  • create and manage distribution groups
  • describe distribution group naming policy
  • identify the operation of linked mailboxes
  • create and manage linked mailboxes
  • define site mailboxes

Manage Mail-enabled Object Permissions

  • describe mailbox permissions
  • use the EMS to manage folder permissions
  • manage folder permissions with the EMS
  • configure mailbox permissions
  • set up room mailbox delegation
  • create a distribution group

Practice: Room Mailbox Delegation

  • prepare room mailbox delegation





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