Communicating during Difficult Times

Managers, team leaders, business professionals, and individuals who need to communicate strategy and manage employee performance during difficult times for their organizations

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Communication is never more important than when a business is experiencing difficult times. When a company is affected by a struggling economy or other pressures, hard decisions have to be made, and employees need to be on board with these decisions. Different levels of leadership bear specific responsibilities at such times. These responsibilities include communicating strategic vision, explaining the rationale for decisions made, and translating those decisions into day-to-day operational terms. Leaders need to communicate to employees how decisions made in difficult times will benefit them and the organization, and impress on them the importance of understanding, accepting, and carrying out these decisions. Creating a comprehensive and empathetic communication plan that identifies the exact nature of the decisions and the actions needed to implement them will help leaders get the necessary support from employees.
This course explains the responsibilities of various leadership roles when communicating during challenging times. It then covers how to create a communication plan using a five-step process. Finally, it gives guidance and an opportunity to practice communicating with employees about hard strategic decisions arising from challenging business situations.


Communicating to Employees in Difficult Times

  • match each level of leadership in an organization with the types of information it is typically responsible for communicating
  • match examples of activities to the stages in the creation of a communication plan they are associated with
  • apply guidelines for communicating difficult strategic decisions to employees
  • communicate difficult strategic decisions




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