Communicating Successfully in the American Workplace

Individuals who have moved, or plan to move, to the United States to live and work; also useful for anyone interested in American culture and work life

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

When you start working in an American workplace, you may be surprised by some of the differences in the communication style there, compared to your own. Culture influences how people send and interpret messages. To work effectively with people from another culture, it is beneficial to understand their communication style. This course describes the typical characteristics of the American communication style. It also explains some nonverbal communication behavior you may encounter in an American work context, and it presents general guidelines for communicating effectively both verbally and nonverbally in a US work environment.


Communicating in the American Workplace

  • identify examples of the characteristics of the American style of communicating
  • assess the appropriateness of the nonverbal communication used in an American workplace, in a given scenario
  • use guidelines for communicating effectively at American workplaces, in a given scenario




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