Communication Methods that Make Sense – and Make Your Point

Individuals who want to improve their interpersonal communication skills


Expected Duration
34 minutes

Today people rely more and more on mobile devices and ‘one-way’ communication tools that they often use under the guise of being ‘social.’ Although it’s possible to learn to communicate interpersonally using only technology, it’s not always the best or most efficient way to achieve your intended communication outcomes, which are most typically to inform, give feedback, or influence. Interpersonal communication is just that – personal. So the further you stray from communication methods that are rich in personal attributes (you can hear someone, see someone, use body language, interact with others) versus light in personal attributes (impersonal, one-way, static), the more apt you are to have a one-way, ‘telling’ type of communication. In this course, you’ll learn how to select the best communication methods to convey your intention and target your audience. By doing so, you improve the odds of getting your message across, making your point, and leaving your audience feeling informed, enlightened, and engaged.


Making Sense of Communication Methods

  • choose interpersonal communication methods that are most appropriate based on your intention
  • recognize how factors other than intention inform your decision on which method to use for your interpersonal communications
  • improve the effectiveness of e-mails
  • recognize ways to plan, deliver, and connect with your audience during face-to-face interpersonal communications
  • use a process to communicate feedback in an effective, constructive manner
  • choose effective, efficient communication methods that properly convey intent





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