Communications Security

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To introduce the key issues in communications security

Target Audience

Network administrators, firewall administrators, system administrators, application developers, and IT security officers


Knowledge and skills equivalent of those tested for in the CompTIA A+ and Network+ certification exams

Expected Duration

360 min.

Course Objectives

Communications Security

  • explain the technologies used to implement VPNs for secure WAN communications.
  • detail the features of a VPN solution for secure remote connectivity.
  • implement a VPN solution for secure remote access.
  • outline the RADIUS authentication mechanism.
  • outline the TACACS+ authentication mechanism and compare it to the RADIUS authentication mechanism.
  • describe WEP and the differences between the various wireless LAN standards.
  • describe wireless LAN security attacks and explain how to prevent them.
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of various wireless LAN security techniques.
  • identify appropriate security solutions for wireless LANs.
  • explain corporate security policies and outline the procedures involved in performing a site survey.
  • conduct a wireless LAN site survey.
  • describe the WAP protocol and discuss mechanisms for protecting the WAP gateway.
  • provide an overview of the various threats to web security.
  • describe how Gnutella and peer-to-peer networks work and outline the security issues that arise from their use.
  • understand the FTP protocol and outline the measures used to secure FTP.
  • discuss the security implications of popular instant messaging applications.
  • identify the various components of LDAP.
  • describe the security methods associated with LDAP.