Community Sites, Search, and Office Integration in SharePoint 2013

Personnel at all levels of the enterprise; end-users seeking to attain competency in Microsoft SharePoint 2013; end-users seeking to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification at Core level in the use of Microsoft SharePoint 2013; end-users seeking a basic IT certification.

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

As a move towards an even more collaborative working environment, SharePoint 2013 now includes community sites. These allow users to have discussions, store contents, and interact with others in a manner that would be familiar to anyone already using various forms of social media. SharePoint 2013 also provides powerful search capabilities that you can make use of to easily locate any items across a SharePoint site. This version of SharePoint also continues to offer integration with the Microsoft Office suite of products, allowing you to create new Office documents from within SharePoint, or to launch either the full version or Web App version of a product as needed. This course covers participating in a community site, including joining the site, viewing categories and membership, discussions, and leaving the site.
In addition, this course explores administering a community site by managing discussions, creating categories, adjusting settings, creating and assigning badges, and configuring reputation settings. Using the basic search functionality included with SharePoint 2013 is also covered, as well as launching Office applications from within SharePoint 2013 and using the Office Web Apps.
This course will help prepare learners for the Microsoft Certification Exam 77-419: SharePoint 2013 which certifies individuals as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): SharePoint 2013.


SharePoint 2013 Community Sites

  • rate a discussion in a SharePoint 2013 community site
  • create a category for a discussion and a badge in Sharepoint 2013
  • join a community site and participate in a discussion in SharePoint 2013

Basic Search Functionality in SharePoint 2013

  • search in SharePoint 2013
  • search and view results in SharePoint 2013

Using Office Applications from SharePoint 2013

  • create a new Office file from SharePoint 2013
  • edit a Word document in the Word Web App
  • launch an Office app from SharePoint and edit a file using Web Apps





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