Competitive Marketing Strategies: Analyzing Competitors

Managers and strategic planners who want to refine their skills for developing and implementing competitive marketing strategies

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

To formulate successful competitive marketing strategies for your organization, you need to understand your competitors. Who are your key rivals and what drives their marketing decisions? What do they do well and where do they miss the mark? Gathering and analyzing this kind of information is the starting point for developing effective strategies that can increase your competitive advantage and build market share. This course describes a process for developing a competitor intelligence system that enables you to better understand what you’re up against and how you can use information about competitors to design your own marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness.


Gathering and Analyzing Information

  • recognize the value of competitive intelligence
  • assess how effective an individual is in identifying competitors for a given scenario
  • recognize examples of the guidelines for gathering information about competitors
  • match guidelines for analyzing information about competitors to the section in a sample analysis to which they apply





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