Competitive Marketing Strategies: Selecting and Implementing Strategies

Managers and strategic planners who want to refine their skills for developing and implementing competitive marketing strategies

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Competitive marketing strategies can help your organization gain market share, minimize the impact of competitors, and increase revenues. These outcomes can only be achieved, however, if organizations understand how to translate their competitive advantages into winning strategies. This course describes the different types of competitive advantages that can help an organization distinguish itself from the competition. It outlines how to choose the most appropriate competitive marketing approach based on those advantages. It also explains the key components of a competitive marketing plan, which shows how strategies can be put into action. Finally, the course describes how to approach the implementation of competitive marketing efforts in order to ensure buy-in and support from key stakeholders.


Selecting and Implementing Marketing Strategies

  • describe how to select competitive marketing strategies effectively
  • match types of competitive advantages to their examples
  • match the components of a strategic marketing plan to their examples
  • recognize examples of guidelines that can help in making the implementation of competitive marketing strategies successful





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