Complete Your Project On-time and On-budget

Anyone wishing to acquire the necessary skills to manage small- to medium-sized projects successfully


Expected Duration
32 minutes

As a project progresses, you must respond promptly to any changes, adjusting as necessary to meet new demands. Controlling a project means comparing actual performance with planned performance, analyzing variances, evaluating possible alternatives, and recommending appropriate corrective action as needed. In this course, you’ll learn about some key aspects of controlling your project, including how to use compression techniques to control a schedule that’s fallen behind, how to use some basic calculations to help in controlling costs, and how to respond appropriately to change requests that arise during a project. You’ll also find out how to close your project effectively.


Control and Close Your Project

  • control a project schedule using compression techniques
  • determine whether a project activity is over budget
  • respond appropriately to requested changes during a project
  • take appropriate actions to close a project
  • take actions to control and close a given project





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