CompTIA A+ 220-902: Monitoring the Windows OS and an Introduction to Other OSs

This course is aimed at entry level IT professionals of less than one year of experience, and may also be useful as a review for veteran professionals who are attempting the CompTIA A+ exam, or deploying a technology that may be new to their organization.


Expected Duration
95 minutes

This course provides an introduction to monitoring the Windows operating system, optimizing performance, as well as data backup and recovery. Additionally, you will be introduced to other operating systems such as Linux and Mac OSX, and you’ll learn about some of the basics of Mac OSX.


Troubleshoot & Optimize Windows

  • start the course
  • describe why to monitor Windows
  • describe event logs
  • describe how to optimize performance
  • describe system properties
  • describe ReadyBoost
  • describe storage optimization
  • describe automatic maintenance
  • describe backup
  • describe file history
  • describe the three important questions
  • describe Windows boot environment
  • describe Windows recovery tools
  • describe how to use Windows recovery tools

Other Operating Systems and Technologies

  • describe the other operating systems
  • describe MAC OSX
  • describe OSX Intel California landmarks
  • describe Apple products
  • describe the finder
  • describe how to use the finder
  • describe dock
  • describe how to use a dock
  • describe force quit
  • describe how to force quit
  • describe gestures
  • describe mission control

Practice: Frozen Application in Mac OSX

  • troubleshoot a frozen application in Mac OSX





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