CompTIA A+ 220-902: Windows Interaction and Personalization

This course is aimed at entry level IT professionals of less than one year of experience, and may also be useful as a review for veteran professionals who are attempting the CompTIA A+ exam, or deploying a technology that may be new to their organization.


Expected Duration
39 minutes

This course covers information related to interaction and personalization of a Windows operating system. In this course, you will learn the basics of User Accounts and Profiles. You will also learn about many of the ways to interact with Windows and personalize settings within the OS.


How to Use Windows

  • start the course
  • describe why Windows requires user accounts
  • compare the types of user profiles
  • describe the user profile components
  • describe the multiple ways to interact
  • describe what is new In Windows 8 UI
  • describe what is new In Windows 10 UI
  • describe how to personalize Windows
  • describe sound
  • describe display settings
  • describe Windows Explorer
  • describe Windows special folders
  • describe the customization options of Windows 7

Practice: Adjusting the Display Settings

  • implement adjusting the display settings





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