CompTIA A+ Exam 220-901: Different Computer Form Factors

This path is intended for anyone who wishes to enter the IT professional field, and requires entry-level training to get them started with a career in technical support.


Expected Duration
51 minutes

Not every computer looks the same or should use the same basic configuration. You need to be able to configure a computer to fit your specific requirements. Whether that’s a workstation, a home theater system, or a high-end gaming computer, this course discusses the different requirements and options available for different types of computers.


Selecting Appropriate PC Options

  • start the course
  • describe CAD workstation components
  • describe video workstation components
  • describe virtualization workstation servers
  • describe home theater PC
  • describe high-end gaming PC
  • describe a standard thick client
  • describe a thin client

Troubleshooting PC Issues

  • describe cycle on/off
  • describe blank screen
  • describe booting
  • describe smoking
  • describe heat noise

Practice: Identify Appropriate PC Components

  • identify appropriate PC components





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