CompTIA A+ Exam 220-901: Miscellaneous Tools and Connectors

This path is intended for anyone who wishes to enter the IT professional field, and requires entry-level training to get them started with a career in technical support.


Expected Duration
62 minutes

Computers require several different connectors and converters. There are many different CPU connections and memory cards that might be added to a computer.


CLI tools, Various Cables, and Memory Cards

  • start the course
  • describe CLI troubleshooting tools
  • describe command line troubleshooting tools
  • describe command line troubleshooting tools continued
  • describe 32-bit vs 64-bit systems
  • describe the disable execute bit
  • describe xD Memory Card
  • describe eMMC
  • describe SSD vs hybrid vs magnetic disks
  • describe Intel CPU sockets 1156, 1366, and 1150
  • describe AMD CPU sockets FM1, FM2, and FM2+
  • describe Thunderbolt to DVI connectors
  • describe HDMI to VGA
  • describe HD15 cable
  • describe composite cable
  • describe USB A to B
  • describe twisted pair cable
  • describe coax cable
  • compare FireWire 400 vs 800





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