CompTIA Mobility+ MB0-001: Mobile Device Management 1

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Mobile devices have proliferated in the workplace. Management of these devices has become a significant challenge due to many factors including device ownership, extreme mobility and heterogeneous platforms. This course aims to bridge the management gap by covering device capabilities, enterprise requirements and policy, and services and solutions for device management. This course is one of a series of courses that cover the objectives for CompTIA Mobility+ (MB0-001).

Target Audience

IT support personnel, mobility architects, network and security administrators, and anyone looking to gain technical skills for managing mobile devices



Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Mobile Device Policies

  • describe mobile device security policy and the need to balance security with usability
  • Vendor Device Configuration

  • describe the differences between vendor device configurations for mobile devices
  • OS Modification and Customization

  • describe modifications and customizations to mobile operating systems performed by OS vendors and device OEMs
  • Telecoms Carrier Device Modifications

  • describe modifications and customizations to mobile devices performed by telecoms carriers
  • Backup, Restore and Recovery Policies

  • describe policies for backup, restore and recovery of mobile devices
  • Mobile Device Management

  • describe enterprise solutions for mobile device management
  • Mobile App Management

  • manage access to various mobile device app stores
  • Administrative Platforms

  • describe the various administrative platforms for mobile device management
  • Highly Available Management Platforms

  • describe highly available management platforms for mobile devices
  • Location Based Device Management

  • describe location services on mobile devices, and how to use them for device management
  • Mobile Device Management Interoperability

  • describe interoperability of various device management options
  • Monitoring Mobile Devices

  • describe mobile device monitoring capabilities and features
  • Self Service Management

  • describe mobile device self-service management
  • Mobile Service Integration

  • describe issues surrounding integration of mobile devices with existing infrastructure
  • Mobile Service Interoperability

  • describe interoperability of mobile devices with existing infrastructure
  • Mobile Service Sandboxing

  • describe mobile device sandboxing options
  • Mobile Service Profiles

  • describe mobile device profiles and the requirements for different device ownership
  • Mobile Service Pilots

  • describe the processes associated with a pilot of a new mobile service
  • Mobile Service Documentation

  • describe the documentary requirements of a new mobile service
  • Mobile Service Approvals Process

  • describe the approvals process for a new mobile service
  • Maintaining an MDM Solution

  • describe the processes for launching a new mobile service
  • Exercise: Mobile Device Management