CompTIA Mobility+ MB0-001: Mobile Device Management 2

IT support personnel, mobility architects, network and security administrators, and anyone looking to gain technical skills for managing mobile devices


Expected Duration
99 minutes

Mobile devices have unique on-boarding and off-boarding strategies, due to their diverse nature and BYOD issues. This course covers issues of policy relating to mobile device on-boarding, management and off-boarding, and looks ahead to new mobile technologies emerging, and the opportunities and risks they pose. This course is one of a series of courses that cover the objectives for CompTIA Mobility+ (MB0-001).


Device On-Boarding and Off-Boarding

  • start the course
  • describe cellular device activation as a step in mobile device on-boarding
  • describe processes for on-boarding network access hardware for mobile devices
  • describe manual, automated, and self-service on-boarding and provisioning processes for mobile devices
  • describe off-boarding and deprovisioning of mobile devices

Mobile Device Management Procedures

  • describe methods of centralized application distribution for mobile devices
  • describe methods of centralizing content management for mobile devices
  • describe deployment best practices for mobile devices
  • describe remote capabilities for mobile devices including remote wipe, remote lock/unlock, remote control, remote activation of location services, and reporting
  • describe lifecycle operations for mobile devices, including updates, upgrades, patches and certificate management
  • describe change management procedures for mobile devices
  • describe mobile device end of life procedures

Device Backup Recovery and Data Segregation

  • describe processes for backup of corporate devices to a corporate backup server
  • describe processes for backup of personal devices to a vendor or third party backup server
  • describe processes for local backup of devices
  • describe processes for recovery from backup

New mobile Technologies

  • differentiate between the main mobile OS vendors and their products
  • differentiate between the main mobile device vendors and their products
  • differentiate between the main Telecommunications vendors and their products
  • differentiate between the main mobile app vendors and their products
  • describe mobile device new risks and threats

Deploying Mobile Technology

  • describe mobile email standards
  • describe proxy and gateway settings on various mobile OS
  • describe third party network operations center software for mobile devices, and the options for on-premises vs hosted
  • describe mobile push notifications technologies
  • describe the requirements and processes for creating in-house mobile apps
  • describe the types of mobile application and their characteristics

Practice: Managing Corporate Mobile Devices

  • describe corporate mobile device management





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