CompTIA Mobility+ MB0-001: Over The Air Technologies

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Mobile devices rely on different forms of wireless communication for connectivity and functionality. From cellular technologies for Internet connectivity anywhere in the world, to WiFi networks in the home or office, or personal networks of peripherals using Bluetooth, all these technologies are underpinned by the same set of fundamental principles of radio frequency signaling. This course covers wireless technology from the radio wave up, encompassing all types of wireless connectivity that wireless devices rely on. This course is one of a series of courses that cover the objectives for CompTIA Mobility+ (MB0-001).

Target Audience

IT support personnel, mobility architects, network and security administrators, and anyone looking to gain technical skills for managing mobile devices



Expected Duration

60 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Wireless Signals

  • describe the characteristics of RF wireless signals
  • Wireless Signal Propagation

  • describe wireless signal propagation characteristics, including absorptions, refraction, and reflection
  • Wireless Antennas

  • describe wireless antennas and their characteristics
  • Wireless Signal Attenuation

  • describe attenuation in wireless signals, and the effects of a Faraday cage
  • Cellular Networks

  • describe cellular networks
  • Cellular Evolution

  • describe the evolution of cellular networks
  • Cellular Channels and Frequencies

  • list the main channels and frequencies used by cellular devices
  • Cellular Roaming

  • describe the process of cellular roaming and how networks handle roaming clients
  • Bluetooth

  • describe the characteristics of Bluetooth and personal area networks
  • 802.11 WiFi Overview

  • describe common WiFi technologies
  • 802.11 WiFi Standards

  • describe the 802.11 standards
  • Wireless Authentication

  • describe authentication methods available for WiFi networks
  • Wireless Access Points

  • describe the function of wireless access points
  • Over the air Capacity

  • describe wireless capacity as it relates to wireless surveys
  • Wireless Coverage

  • describe wireless coverage as it relates to wireless surveys
  • Wireless Spectrum Analysis

  • describe wireless spectrum analysis as it relates to wireless surveys
  • Site Surveys

  • describe the process of and documentation for wireless site surveys
  • Post Site Survey

  • describe the actions required after a wireless site survey
  • Exercise: Wireless Technologies